Saturday, April 18, 2015
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Tambura Sruthi Files

The following Sruthi files are currently available for playing as well as downloading:

Download Name Play Size Duration
download 1C

34.4 MB 75:03 min
download 2D
Narayanan Kameswaran

71.6 MB 78:12 min
download 2sh

35.6 MB 77:42 min
download 3E
Narayanan Kameswaran

43.4 MB 47:26 min
download 4F

34.6 MB 75:33 min
download 4Fsh

46.1 MB 20:09 min
download 5G

35.3 MB 77:10 min
download 6A

32.1 MB 70:10 min
download 6Ahigh

34.4 MB 75:03 min
download 6shhigh

30.3 MB 66:07 min
download 7B

34.8 MB 76:04 min
download 7Bhigh

35 MB 76:31 min



What's New

  • Tambura Sruthi files are now available for playing as well as downloading. Play or Download Now!
  • Violin Lessons are now available for a few Geethams.  These lessons are aimed at teaching the learner with Gamakas to make each song more melodious. See...
  • The shanmukhapriya forum provides an excellent window to exchange our views on various issues that surround us, related to preserving the Sanathana Dharma.
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